Thursday, June 14, 2012

Welcome and Sue French Deep Sky Wonders

I'm not sure how this is going to go over with me. I have a blog, over at Jay's Astronomical Observing Blog located at this link.  It's a pretty successful blog, considering its on different aspects of Amateur Astronomy, and I enjoy it, and yes, I will keep it going for now.  This blog is to get me back focused on projects that I want to get done; some by others and some new ones by me.  So in this blog I am going to do just that.  Focus on some observing lists both by others and by myself, and I'll focus on posting my sketches related to those lists.  I also deeply would hope that some of my peers in sketching, who are far more capable than myself, will volunteer to come on as a guest author and post up some sketches, the techniques they use on some of the objects I've done.  This way I can make it a collaboration of sketchers.   I am also in the process of making a forum up in Former that is dedicated solely to sketching.  It won't attract that many and I know that, but I think it is time the Astronomical community that sketches has a place of their own.  More on that over the next couple of days. 

My other blog will focus on the Herschel 400 II and the Herschel 2500 as I want the bigger projects over there.  This blog is going to start by going through Sue French's new book Deep Sky Wonders starting with her June observations.  I won't be publishing all of her information, that just isn't right, but I am going to publish a finder chart that I may come up with, my observations of those objects and my sketches of them.  Why?  Well for one, the Herschel 400 II is not a heavy summer list.  So by focusing on Sue French's work, the number of objects are lower and that should allow me to relax, and take more time on my sketches and put the time into them that I both want and need to.  Next, I like her book a lot and enjoy her column each month.  She's inspired me to begin making my own lists of objects and that will be a good thing, at least for me. 

So, sit back, enjoy the observations if you enjoy my other blog, and then if your a sketcher, perhaps volunteer to tackle an object or two, share your technique and your observations of these objects from Sue French's book.  Simple email me or leave me a comment if you wish to be a one time or a ontinuing guest author (which is what I would like to have happen here).  I'm off to observe for the next 7 days so I won't be around, but when I get back I should have some good observations to post.